The Coolest Unusual Ways To Use Makeup

There is probably not a single girl that is completely indifferent towards makeup. You may own 10 or 100 products, but makeup is a vital part of every woman’s life. If you’re used to using your makeup products a certain way, here are some surprising new things to try with it. You can buy high-quality affordable makeup from top Nigerian and international brands on Jiji:

Tame your brows

If you’re a true makeup fan, you probably have your own favorite brow brush that you use every day. However, when you’re out or in a rush, a great substitute for the brow brush is an old, clean mascara wand. You can use it on your own, dip in some hair gel to fix brow hairs, or cover it in hairspray before brushing the eyebrows.

Make your own blush

If you’re unhappy with the intensity or consistency of your current powder blush, you can easily turn it into a cream formula that will last you longer and will be much easier to apply. Simply crush up some powdered blush and mix it with any liquid or cream foundation or concealer you no longer need. Apply it with your finger or a beauty blender.

Conceal dark circles

Dark undereye circles are a problem nearly every girl is familiar with, but finding the right shade of concealer for dark skin may be quite a challenge, especially given that most of them lack coverage. If you want to make your undereye area flawless, apply a coat of warm red or salmon colored lipstick under your eyes, blend it, and then apply your usual concealer to achieve ideal coverage.

Turn any lipstick into lip gloss

With this trick you can save a fortune by finding your ideal shade of matte or satin lipstick and turning it into shiny lip gloss anytime you want. Apply a coat of lipstick and cover it with coconut oil to achieve that coveted glossy look. You can also use a dab of vaseline for the same purposes. By melting together coconut oil, any old lipstick, and beeswax, you can make your own lip gloss and store it in a clean container.

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Quick solution for grey roots

If your hair’s turning grey and your roots are showing, a popular solution for this problem is applying a coat of mascara on the roots. However, mascara, in this case, is always noticeable both in color and texture. A better way to hide grey roots is to use eyeshadow in a color similar to the color of your hair. Apply it with a brush or even with your fingers! By the way, you can use the same eyeshadow as a budget-friendly eyebrow product.

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