The difference between classic and SPA pedicure

Pedicure gives our feet a feeling of lightness and health, reduce fatigue and other problems. The procedure lies in special care, polishing and nails correction, removing calluses and corns.

SPA-pedicure involves full comprehensive foot care and optimum comfort. You do not only get pleasure from the beauty of your feet but also relax during special baths and massages. In this post, we will talk about the difference between the classic and the SPA-pedicure.

Classic pedicure

The classic pedicure is recommended once in 3-4 weeks.

If your feet are in good condition, you can make it once in a month and a half. SPA-pedicure is a quite expensive procedure, it can be alternated with other kinds of pedicure or make it when you want to treat yourself, relax, disconnect from all the problems. The classic pedicure will not protect you from possible cuts. And if you do not comply with all the norms of disinfection, you are at risk of contracting fungal infections and hepatitis viruses. To avoid this, you should fully trust the specialist. Important: each time before the procedure the tools must be processed with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. In beauty salons, all tools must be stored in a special locker with disinfectant exposure.


SPA-pedicure usually combines pedicure and some additional procedures:

  1. Feet are processed with broad-spectrum disinfectant to prevent infection.
  2. Dead skin layers are softened using a special product.
  3. Using apparatus with nozzles, a specialist removes the softened layer of cells from the feet.
  4. Then a specialist removes a cuticle using a smaller nozzle.
  5. Adjusts the shape of the nails.
  6. Makes a foot massage using cream.
  7.  Cover the nail plate using curative or decorative nail polish.

Each SPA-salon has its own understanding of what SPA-pedicure is, so before you order an SPA-pedicure service, find out what exact services they will offer. Foot massage, reflex massage of foot points, using an SPA foot care series, advanced pedicure chair, enabling you to take the most convenient position, makes SPA pedicure the best relaxing procedure ever. Scrub, massage creams, mask for feet – all these are the tools of special SPA-series – they refresh and energize not only feet but the whole body as well. If you complete a procedure with a paraffin bath for feet, the result will be just awesome!



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